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The following resources are available for your use. Some of these are simple flyers, the others are resources to help you answer the information security questions.
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Cyber Insurance for Accountants

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Cyber Insurance for Insurance Agents

Resources for Answering the Information Security Questions.

In order to effectively underwrite the risk to the book, we ask 10 information security questions across all our programs. Below we have one page flyers on several of the information questions to help explain what they are and why they are important.


MultiFactor | 2 Factor Authentication

MultiFactor (MFA) or 2 Factor Authentication is so very important that many Cyber Insurance Companies will not underwrite a risk that does not use it. The following flyer can help explain what MFA is and why it is important.



Backups | Segregated Backups

Consistent backups can get your business back to work quickly. And segregating them so they don’t get infected if a network or computer gets attacked is key. This flyer helps explain backups and some resources applicants can use.


Email Security

How to Protect your Email

Email is a common attack vector for bad actors. Whether a phishing attack to steal information or a link that downloads a virus, securing your email can protect your business and your customers. This flyer explains some ways to protect your email.


Self Assessment Tool

We have put in place a self assessment tool to help applicants assess whether they have the information security controls in place that correspond with the questions on the application. Policy holders can click on the Logo below to use the self assessment too.

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